Transforming lives through persuasive communication

Tracy Miller transforms lives and organizations through persuasive communication.

The key to enhancing public perception, decreasing conflict, and increasing morale is strengthening the communication skills of everyone in an organization.

Her clients include corporations such as Disney, the Anaheim Ducks, Boeing Aerospace, city councils, city governments, law enforcement agencies, and fire departments. Tracy provides workshops on team building, improving communication, leadership, accountability, productive meetings, and presentation skills. She also offers individual coaching.

Tracy trains clients to improve their public speaking, give compelling media interviews, and to prepare witnesses to testify. She helps law enforcement and firefighters to rank #1 in their promotional interview process.

As a former prosecutor, Tracy uses her former experience as the highest-ranking woman in the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. She effectively led the daily operations of this 6th largest District Attorney’s office in the nation, including supervising 155 attorneys and operating a 140-million-dollar budget to transform clients and organizations.

Tracy also initiated and led the Orange County Gang Prevention Partnership (OC GRIP), the most extensive gang prevention program in the United States. Tracy serves on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Bar Association and is the OCBA Judiciary Committee Chairperson.

Receiving her bachelor’s degree in political science from Loyola Marymount University and her Juris Doctorate from Southwestern University School of Law, Tracy began her career as a law clerk for prosecutors Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden on one of the most visible cases in our nation’s history…the OJ Simpson case.

Close Up Radio

Close Up Radio Spotlights Tracy Miller

A prosecutor for 24 years, Tracy’s first case as a law clerk was O.J. Simpson’s murder trial. She says the experience taught her about persuasive communication: how to communicate in a manner that gets effective results. Tracy says that too often people communicate from their own perspective instead of the perspective of who they're talking to.

Tracy shares four important things that help people feel less nervous about speaking: plan, practice, stop thinking about how you’re going to be judged, and start thinking about enjoying the experience.

Conquer the Fear of Presentations and Promotional Interviews

The fear of public speaking is the greatest fear of human beings. A skilled communicator exudes confidence. This free guide is a powerful tool designed to strengthen presentation styles of law enforcement leaders, improve the manner they communicate, and build a plan and practice overcoming this fear.

Conquer the Fear of Presentations and Promotional Interviews

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