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There is no denying that Tracy Miller is a passionate, interactive, and engaging speaker. Her keynote addresses and workshops leave her audiences feeling extremely connected and excited about their careers and their lives and her presentations are exceptionally motivating.

The authenticity and vulnerability with which she speaks on her personal journey and life lessons resonate with all types of people. Through her high energy and interactive trainings, she inspires others to find and choose joy and become more persuasive communicators.

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Keynote and Workshop Topics

Organizational Communication

Society has changed: The implementation of recent legislation and the global pandemic has caused many new challenges to our communities.

Employees have changed: The newest generation of employees often varies from the more experienced staff in several ways. It is unlikely they will work to retirement age, and they are more apt to transfer departments throughout their careers. The youngest generation generally cares more about work-life balance than overtime pay. They want to know the “Why” behind policies and decisions and are motivated by validation. They began their career in an era of Covid and several of them are left with staggering mental health challenges.

Leaders must transform: Mirroring and matching the communication styles of those who came before us will no longer be effective. Through this workshop, attendees will learn how to effectively utilize the principles for state-of-the-art communication.

Powerful Presentations

This engaging workshop is designed to strengthen employees’ presentation style and the way they communicate about their organization and its services.

This course will teach participants to effectively connect with any audience and will include strategies to deliver effective presentations in a council setting and to community groups. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have the confidence and skills to deliver powerful presentations.

This interactive workshop provides opportunities for the attendees to participate in group exercises to assist in applying the concepts learned.

Meaningful Meetings

Leaders who conduct effective, organized, efficient, and engaging meetings increase productivity, retention, and morale.

This highly focused workshop is designed to strengthen the attendees’ ability to lead impactful meetings. It will provide participants with the tools to effectively lead meetings deliver positive results. This interactive workshop provides opportunities for attendees to participate in group exercises that will provide for immediate take-home value and application.

Lead Through Ownership

The strongest leaders lead by owning and taking responsibility for the actions of everyone on their team. Those who give praise and credit to others, while taking ownership and responsibility for mistakes, build trust and transparency to achieve maximum results. Designed to strengthen leadership skills, this interactive workshop will engage attendees with group exercises to effectively apply the concepts learned.

Learn from a Career Prosecutor How to Unleash the Prison in Your Head

Leaders will learn from a career prosecutor how to break free from the prison in their minds banishing limiting thoughts and actions. It will allow attendees to transform their lives.

Everyone holds the key to the prison door in their head. Accomplished leaders ban negative thoughts from their minds, adapt knowledge to changing times, and create productive, unifying habits. This dynamic, interactive presentation gives leaders the keys to unlock tools for successful communication and purposeful connection.

Navigating General Differences

In our rapidly evolving world, understanding and harnessing the diverse perspectives and experiences of different generations is crucial for the success of judges, CEOs, and court staff. TM Consulting’s "Navigating Generational Differences" workshop provides a comprehensive and interactive platform for attendees to explore the intricacies of multi-generational dynamics, enabling them to enhance their leadership skills and decision-making capabilities.

This unique workshop combines theoretical knowledge with practical strategies to help participants effectively manage and lead diverse teams, make informed decisions, and create inclusive environments within their respective domains.

Conquer the Fear of Presentations and Promotional Interviews

The fear of public speaking is the greatest fear of human beings. A skilled communicator exudes confidence. This free guide is a powerful tool designed to strengthen presentation styles of law enforcement leaders, improve the manner they communicate, and build a plan and practice overcoming this fear.

Conquer the Fear of Presentations and Promotional Interviews

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