Meeting in session

Miller Method to Meetings

When you lead impactful meetings, you will transform your organization.

  1. Decide a stop time, before the meeting starts. (Should be 59 minutes or less. When people know the time the meeting will end, they are more likely to be engaged.)
  2. Include a training component every meeting. (Rotate the trainers amongst meeting attendees and outside experts. The training component should be less than 10 minutes.)
  3. Get input on the agenda ahead of time from participants and stick to it.
  4. Always have an agenda item that connects the team. (Brief team building exercise.)
  5. Set up the “First Follower” before the meeting to introduce a new policy or concept.
  6. Do not allow a toxic personality to take over the meeting.
  7. Be strategic about which team members are invited to the meeting.
  8. Occasionally change the meeting location and you will change attitudes of your team.
  9. Decide action items from the meeting and clearly define team members are responsible for completing them.
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