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Who's Who in the OCBA

Who’s Who in the OCBA

Orange County Lawyer

Each year, Orange County Lawyer magazine publishes an up-to-date list of the OCBA leadership as a service to our readers. It is through the dedication and continued efforts of the gracious volunteers who make up the OCBA Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Section Leadership, and Committee Chairs that the Bar is able to develop networking, educational, and community outreach events throughout the year in support of the OCBA’s mission.


The OJ Simpson trial

Tracy Miller Of Orange County District Attorney's Office Honored "Champion of Children"


LAKE FOREST, CA — Assistant District Attorney Tracy Miller of the Orange County District Attorney's Office (OCDA) was honored as a "Champion of Children" in Orange County for her extensive work with Orange County Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership (OC GRIP).

The award was presented at The Raise Foundation's 6th Annual Spring Soirée Garden Gala in Irvine on May 12, 2017.


OJ Simpson trial with Tracy Miller

The OJ Simpson Murder Trial: Five Life Lessons I Learned from the Trial of the Century

By Tracy Miller

Over two decades ago, the not-guilty verdicts on the OJ Simpson case shocked the nation. I am a career prosecutor and this infamous and historic case just happened to be my first-ever case.

After the verdicts were read, I was disgusted with our flawed system and a society, where a trial for the brutal homicide of two innocent people had become a reality TV show. I was saddened about why viewers worldwide were finding entertainment in dancing judges, a fame-thirsty houseguest and a double homicide suspect, that led police on a slow speed chase while the world watched.

With the release of the recent TV Series, American Crime Story: The People V OJ Simpson and after 20-plus years of reflection, I have realized the trial of the century held several life lessons for me and for us all.


Behind the Badge

Veteran prosecutor Tracy Miller doubles as interview coach, speech writer for officers

Behind the Badge

As a prosecutor for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for the past 19 years, Tracy Miller has accumulated quite a list of accomplishments. She recently put that passion to work as an interview coach and speech writer for police officers, providing her services through her part-time business, TM Consulting.

At the DA’s office, Miller formed and oversees the Orange County Gang Prevention Partnership (OC GRIP), the largest program of its kind in the U.S. The program brings together school districts, law enforcement professionals, faith-based groups, nonprofits, businesses and thousands of volunteers, all with the same goal: keeping kids out of gangs.


Tracy Miller keynote speaker

An Interview with Tracy Miller


Tracy Miller, Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County, gave a heartfelt presentation at the BALC GMM. She was the keynote speaker at one of this year’s BALC general membership meetings.

At the event, Tracy spoke of the story of how she became the Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County and a successful criminal prosecutor. Everyone enjoyed her and was inspired by her presentation on “How to Lead by Giving Our Teams Psychological Pay”.

We learned that Psychological Pay was a successful motivational tool used to change culture and lead people in the right direction.


Tracy speaking with California Angels vice president Tim Mead

Angels Help Kids Say No to Gangs

Orange County Register

Orange County Deputy District Attorney Tracy Miller meets with Angels Vice President Tim Mead in the Angels dugout before the June 8 game in which more than 900 local students got to come to the ballpark as part of the Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership.

GRIP is run by the OC District Attorney's Office, which has identified children at-risk of gang recruitment and challenged them them to have perfect attendance, passing grades and good conduct. Students who made good on the GRIP challenge took pride in getting to attend that night's game, the reward for their hard work.